Words of Encouragement Quotes on Life, Strength and Never Giving Up

by Andreas Ramos

Our journey on earth is filled with different events. Sometimes the good tidings of life may swing to our side. At this time, our day is filled with fun. Our undertaking is filled with prosperity and outstanding success. Just as this can happen to us in life, there is a time when you feel discouraged about recent happenings. You may feel discouraged for not getting your desired results in business, education, and other aspects of your life. When you find yourself in these conditions, there are words of encouragement that will propel you and get you motivated and delighted to keep moving on. They give you hope and make you believe you will surely have a breakthrough. Today I will be giving you a list of some of the encouraging words you need when you are discouraged, lack strength, and feel you can give up on your existence.

Encouragement Quotes

Encouragement Quotes
Encouragement Quotes

Encouragement words keep us focused during our downtimes. Some encouraging quotable quotes have been listed below to help you succeed in your journey of life.

1. In the difficult times of winter, I realized there is an invincible summer loaded with good tidings within me.

2. Going down is not bad, but staying down makes you feel defeated.

3. When you are down, learn from your failure and again.

4. You are are not a failure until you fail to try again.

5. Accept criticism, it brings the best out of you.

6. I will never fear fiery storms, for I know how to the ship.

7. If you fall seven times, you must stand up eight times.

8. You pass the courage test when you don't lose heart after defeat.

9. The surest stepping stone to success is discouragement and failure.

10. Persistence results in success.

11. Impossibility exists when you fail to make an attempt.

12. When you fail to plan, you are planning to be defeated.

13. Failure and discouragement are hammers that malleate the journey to success. Encourage yourself when you experience them.

14. A success story is interesting to hear. Face the challenges, Never look back and you will have the sweetest success story.

15. Heroes are not born, they are made.

16. Never doubt your ability, have confidence in yourself and you will succeed.

17. People's expectations let you down. Focus on your expectation and success will come your way.

18. A positive mindset is a key to success. Be positive minded.

19. No problem is bigger than you. Relax and pounder on it, the solution is right by your side.

20. Imagination is free. Have a realistic ambition to succeed.

21. Losers have no friends, always aspire to be a winner.

22. Amidst of challenges lies an opportunity to succeed in life.

23. Your approach to problems brings out the best in you.

24. One of the keys to success is to be optimistic.

25. The sum of your little efforts is equal to success and greater testimony.

26. Remain joyful and happy, even in tough times, never forsake happiness.

27. Instruction leads you on, but encouragement brings success.

28. Miracles are achieved by relentless people. Never relent to move mountains, your miracle is right here.

29. No man on earth has no problem. Navigate your way out of your problems.

30. Rainbow is beautiful, add beatitudes to people's life.

31. The world is like a laboratory, our life on earth is like an experiment. The more experiment you do, the more perfect you become.

32. Life is like a university, you will never stop having challenges. Stay strong and be courageous. You shall move the tallest mountain.

33. Always aspire to right the wrong. By that, you become a leader and winner.

34. Be kind to others, you will be rewarded when you least expect.

35. Keep running, focus on the price and you will succeed.

36. A willing heart will never see impossibility.

37. Focus on maximizing your potentials, not to increase your pace to success.

Never Give Up Quotes

Life is filled with ups and downs. When you feel like quitting, the quotes below can keep you moving.

1. Those who cannot risk the unusual will settle for the ordinary.

2. Never see your problem as a stop signal, see it as guidelines to success.

3. The only enemy of success you can have is you.

4. People that wait for the right time will be a loser.

5. On your way to success, never retire from trying again.

6. Don't give up, your dream is not limited by your location.

7. Things always seem impossible until it is accomplished.

8. Never look back on your way to success, you are almost there.

9. Giving up is your greatest enemy. Always try one more time to win.

10. Your speed on your road to success does not matter. What matters is that you must get there.

11. You have no alternative to hard work, never stop fighting.

12. Don't be deceived by your strength, you can only win when you fail to quit.

13. Waiting is bad, regret is worst. Never stop moving, keep on keeping on.

14. Never give up on your love for people. Your patience and kindness will win their heart.

15. You have only one life to live, don't give up. Be determined to succeed.

16. I will never give up. In the face of adversity, I remain a strong fighter.

17. Never give up, your passion will give you a headway.

18. If you give up, you are a failure. If you remain focused you become successful.

19. The only will for a winner is his refusal to quit.

20. When you encounter obstacles, never give up. Your success is not far away.

21. When you fall once, be yourself and attempt climbing twice.

22. Don't give up on people, they may become a useful vessel you need tomorrow.

23. Before giving up, remember your sacrifices. That will keep you moving.

24. Don't give up when you make mistakes, the errors will make you achieve outstanding success.

25. The best way to shame your critics is to reject defeat and proceed to succeed.

26. Your dream can become shattered when you give it to the people.

27. Don't give up on what you aspire to acquire, learn to fight to succeed.

28. Successful men and women will are not afraid of stumbling from failure to failure.

29. Accept judgment on how many times you fall and rise again, not on the number of times you succeed.

30. Successful men and women will never look back. Put your past behind you and focus on the success ahead.

31. No matter how long it takes you, you will surely get there.

32. People that fail to quit will consistently shine like the morning sun.

33. Follow the mapped direction and never quit. With faith and hope, you will achieve your desired goal.

34. Victory will never come the way of quitters. Always fight to succeed.

35. Don't quit because the tough time will not last, believe you can do it.

36. Many people fail because didn't know how close they are to succeed.

37. Quitters lacks determination. Determination produces success.

38. Starting over is a brand new opportunity. Always harness the golden opportunity to succeed.

39. Focus on your desired destination. Tough challenges will never last.

Quotes on Strength

Strength is needed in times of trouble. The quotes below can give you the needed strength to keep you focused on your journey in life.

1. A new day comes with new strength and new hope.

2. Life is beautiful, your weakness today becomes your greatest strength tomorrow.

3. The product of braveness is strength.

4. Love for success gives you strength. The strength of your love gives you courage.

5. Indomitable will gives strength. Not your physical capacity.

6. Shallow men trust in luck, strong men trust in their willingness.

7. Suffering produces the strongest soul. Never be afraid to suffer to succeed.

8. In the time of trouble, don't be afraid. Your braveness and strength will set you on a successful path.

9. Togetherness results in strength. Stay united, not divided.

10. Strength brings freedom and self-reliance.

11. Never trust your physical strength. Trust in your goals.

12. Your strength lies in faithfulness. Be faithful in all things.

13. Your strength is a measure of how well you hide your pains.

14. Focus on developing your strength, not eliminating your weakness es.

15. Taking new challenges produces more strength. Learn to always face challenges.

16. Continuous struggle brings strength and courage.

17. Mental strength brings a total breakthrough. Develop your mental strength.

18. Never fail in the days of adversity. Remain focused and you will have a breakthrough.

19. A new beginning requires new strength. Always be strong.

20. Strength lies in persistence. All ways persist to succeed.

21. You don't know your strength until you are confronted at your weakest point.

22. The feeble-minded will never forgive, forgiveness is the hallmark of the strong.

23. Always work on people's feedback. It strengthens you on the path to greatness.


Words are spoken, written, and read to encourage us in times of challenges, trouble, and struggle. These words are needed to set us on the right path. They keep us moving at a faster pace. I hope the quotes on encouragement, strength, and giving up will be useful for you when the trying times come.

About Andreas Ramos

Andreas Ramos is a social media enthusiast who loves writing captions for Instagram. He enjoys spending time with his family and friends, and traveling to new places. Andreas is also a fitness enthusiast, and likes to stay active by practicing yoga and going for walks.

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