Quotes About Liar, Lies and Lying Boyfriend in a Relationship

by Anibal Cortes

Having intimate and casual friends is one of the daily routine men must pass through. While some people have the act of meeting new friends as their hobby, others meet a new friend so that they can have fun. With friends, knowledge is shared. We also learn new things and become informed about the happenings around us. Most of this friendship results in a close relationship, especially with the opposite sex. When you are in a relationship with a spouse, several things happen. People tend to lie, cheat, and indulge in disgusting acts that ruin their relationship. For instance, lies threatens the peace you enjoy in your relationship. It destroys your reputation and integrity in society. Also, it destroys the cordial relationship you enjoy with friends, girlfriend, and family. Telling your spouse a lie doesn't make you earn their trust. Instead, it may crash the relationship. Many a time, you may need to tell a lie to cover up your excess. 

 Hence, some quotes can sometimes discourage you from telling lies and help you keep your relationship intact. Today, I will be telling you some of the quotes about liars, lies, and Lying boyfriend in a relationship.

Quotes About Lies and Liars

1. A proven liar can never be trusted.

Quotes About Lies and Liars
Quotes About Lies and Liars

2. Liar makes a story to cover his excesses, Storytellers make a story to help others.

3. Nothing is profiting than, to tell the truth always.

4. Liars can either deceive you with silence or words.

5. A liar does more harm to himself than the lie he tells.

6. A liar is a deceiver. Be known for the truth.

7. A liar uses an oath to earn people's trust.

8. Perpetual liars embarrass themselves. Their reward is a shame.

9. A liar intends to deceive. No more no less.

10. Liars can only be covered up lies with lies.

11. No liar can be a genius in telling lies. Your memory will surely fail you.

12. Speak the truth today, else you will slip up tomorrow.

13. A known liar will never be believed even when he's telling the truth.

14. Liars have many stories to remember.

15. A lie can never be redeemed with a thousand truths.

16. Few people can be fooled with lies. Everybody cannot be fooled.

17. A word is a lie if it has crutches.

18. Lying is easy but leaves you with no friends.

19. Building trust can take years. It crumbles with days of telling lies.

20. Lies have no future. It can only give you cheap popularity.

21. Either big or small, a lie is a lie.

22. Lies profer temporary solution to an unending problem.

23. Never think lies can cover a life error.

24. An experienced liar also deceives himself with lies.

25. Lies are committed through calls and texts.

26. A lie is shameful. Truth exalts an individual.

27. A liar's tongue lives for a moment. A lip that speaks the truth lives forever.

28. It is better to be naked than to cover yourself up with lies.

29. It is difficult to argue with liars. Save your precious breath.

30. An experienced liar mix up the truth with lies.

31. Never tell a lie if you desire to be trusted.

32. Liars are comfortable with their habit of telling lies.

33. Tell the truth at all times. You will earn great respect.

34. A lie is like a virus. It affects the good part of you.

35. A liar has no integrity.

36. A teacher that tells lies destroys innocent generations.

37. A liar cannot trust himself. He will never expect the truth from anybody.

38. A lie destroys the soul. Truth redeems a nation.

39. A liar will never be remembered. His lies spread beyond measure.

40. Bad intentions produce lies. Have a good intention to earn a good name.

41. A poor truthful man is better than a rich liar.

42. The true test of your soul is the ability to overcome the urge to tell lies.

43. Telling lies is a chosen habit. No man was born a liar.

44. Properties acquired with lies cannot stand the test of time.

45. Future shame awaits a liar.

46. Without lies, no one will appreciate the values of truth.

47. Those who admire liars are also liars.

48. One of the greatest commitment in a relationship is to commit yourself to lie.

49. A fool never lies. The wise indulge in telling lies.

50. Lies define who you are in society.

51. It is better to stab you with the truth than to comfort you with lies.

52. Sooner or later, a liar will surely be disgraced.

53. Never use a lie as a weapon when fighting for the truth.

54. Keeping your mouth shut prevents you from telling lies.

55. Lies can thrive for a little time. Truth prevails at the perfect time.

56. The happiness of a liar is for a little time. The truth will catch up with him soonest.

57. Truth cost little but lies cause a lot of damages.

58. Trust is like the eraser, it gets smaller each time you lie.

59. In the face of adversity, never be pushed to tell a lie.

60. You can only tell lies by choice, not by chance.

61. The life of a liar ends up in darkness and loneliness.

62. When you lie once, you can never be believed forever.

63. Liars cannot be stopped from telling lies, they can only be stopped with disgrace.

64. Lies cost you everything, but truth cost you nothing.

65. It is painful to believe a lie because he makes a fool of you.

66. Nothing is interesting like listening to a lie when you already know the truth.

67. Honesty is expensive to a liar. They cant afford it.

68. Lies are habitual to a person that perpetually tells lies.

69. It is better to refrain from speaking than telling a lie.

70. Learn to encourage a person that tells the truth, else you encourage him to tell lies.

71. The result of hard truth can be managed, but lies can destroy the spirit, soul, and body.

72. Never replace truth with silence, else you have started lying.

73. Half-truth has an element of truth, lie is total deceit.

74. Liars delight in telling lies, but it ends in destruction.

75. Lies will always expire, but truth has no expiry date.

76. A pretender in the face of truth is not better than a liar.

Quotes about a lying boyfriend in a relationship

1. A relationship founded on lies will surely crumble.

2. It is better to remain single than getting engaged to a lying boyfriend.

3. A liar makes a fake boyfriend. Stand for the truth at all times.

4. Don't tell lie to spare a relationship. Later, the damage will become irreparable.

5. Cheating and telling lies comes with no effort. It catalyzes breakup in relationships.

6. Lies are one of the fastest ways to destroy a relationship.

7. A lying boyfriend is never ashamed of himself.

8. Liars are never faithful in the relationship.

9. An honest devil is better than a lying saint in a relationship.

10. In your relationship, never choose a handsome liar.

11. Never trust a liar, Be honest with your spouse.

12. Lies destroy relationships. It ruins a nation.

13. Goodbye is the answer a lying boyfriend get in a relationship.

14. One great lie in a relationship is "I love you".

15. A relationship is a health when no lie exists.

16. Lies spread like cancer. It recks more havoc in a relationship.

17. Life is good when you say the truth. Lies discourage trust in a relationship.

18. Learn to be true to others. It saves your relationship.

19. Lies isolate you from a friend. It weakens love in a relationship.

20. There is no peace for liars. Their relationship is full of uphills.

21. Been cunny and telling lies are siblings. They destroy your relationship.

22. Lie only when planning a surprise for your spouse.

23. Falling in love with a lying boyfriend is like falling in a ditch.

24. You lost your relationship each time you tell a lie.

25. A single lie can establish everlasting doubt in a relationship.

26. Lies temporarily protect your relationship but pose longterm damage.

27. A boyfriend that cheats will always tell lies about doing it.

28. Your spouse doesn't deserve a lie, never lie to them.

29. Hiding the truth away from your spouse is equivalent to lying.

30. When you lie about your love for your spouse, it destroys your relationship.

31. Lies destroy intimacy, and without intimacy, there is no relationship.

32. Lavish your relationship with love not lies.

33. Hurt your spouse with the truth rather than telling a lie.

34. Lies insult your spouse's intelligence. Don't try it.


Lies portrays a bad image of individuals. It destroys businesses and relationships. The quotes listed above are some of the interesting words that will help you correct the habit of lying and set you on the right path in your relationship.

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