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by Tokyo Chan

Golf is an exciting game that is played by different classes of people in society. You don't need to be a professional to play the game. When playing or learning to play golf, you may meet new friends or get along with your favorite professional golfers. To maintain a cordial relationship with them, you need to get some latest golf pickup lines to make conversation with them. With that said, today, I will be telling you some romantic and funny golf pickup lines.

Romantic Golf Pickup Lines

  • Hey friend! You have an adorable swing there!
  • Hey Love! I have been working all day. I'm tired now. Let's play your backside tonight.
  • Hey Wendy! Will you be my caddy so you can wash my balls tonight?
  • Hey Jane! I can see my golf bag in your pant. Let me keep my wood there - when I finish playing this hard game.
  • Hey girl! I can see you have the nicest boobs here. I have seen the PGA Tour locker out there.
  • Hey baby! I just discover you know how to fix a bloke at a vertical shaft angle.
Romantic Golf Pickup Lines
Romantic Golf Pickup Lines

  • Today's game was interesting. I was able to hit 18 holes but am tired and can barely walk now.
  • Now, am better than those museums that specialize in golfing you around. Let me show you my skills.
  • Hey Melinda! Let me condition your balls and shaft tonight so you can prepare for the new golfing season.
  • Hey Jack! You are a perfect water hazard. You just got me soaking right there.
  • Hey Jones! I feel like reporting you to the security on duty because you are the water hazard influencing all the ladies in this golf course.
  • I will like to see you on a T because you look like a Nike One Platinum ball.
  • Hey baby! Let me be your US Open hard and long.
  • Hey Lisa! Come right here and see my 9 iron.
  • Come and see the way am pounding these range bells. In that same way, I will pound you when you visit me tonight.
  • Hey baby! You look attractive like Carrie Underwood.
  • Hey Marion! Let me suck your golf ball through 50 feet in your garden hose.
  • Come let's play with my extra-stiff shaft.
  • Hey Wendy! Do you want me to pull it off for you tonight?
  • Hey Lisa! You are such a dime and rare gem. Let me use you as my ball marker in this golf course.
  • I just discover my shaft is getting too hard and it hurts any time I play. Let me hire your services to soften it.
  • Hey baby! The moment I set my eyes on you, my shaft became positioned at a vertical angle.
  • Something else in my game is getting hard and firm. Is just like St. Andrews.
  • Hey darling! Will you accept to be the nineteenth hole I can use in the game tonight?
  • Hey Jane! Come right here with my friend so we can play the interesting foursome.
  • Hey baby! Come and join me on the tour so we can have a lengthy club.
  • Hey Fred! I love taking the salute from you every day. I guess you are a major in the army.
  • Hey baby! Come and take it rough because I will not replace my divots tonight.
  • Regardless of my drives, let me give you something straight and long tonight.
  • Hey Jadon! Do you wish to see my amazing Slazenger together with my naturally cleaned balls?
  • Have you seen all the four majors recently? I think you will be in the grand slam.
  • Hey baby! Do you wanna be my 19th hole tonight?
  • I will ensure you put your balls in my cherished hole tonight because you wanna go golfing.
  • The gold ball is fortunate to be on the course with me. However, it is fortunate to be among my number.
  • Hey Serena! Are you in the mood for some unforgettable stroke playing tonight?
  • Hey Wendy! Let me be your caddy tonight because I am an expert at washing balls.
  • Bringing any of your friends to the golf course is not a barrier. We can get along with them.
  • Hey friend! I wanna take your golf clubs and hit the HOLE in 1.
  • Are you coming back to the hotel because I can see you are looking earnestly for the fairway?
  • I have not witnessed a bear crapping in the woods, but am willing to screw them.
  • Hey Maria! Do you wanna see my cobra tonight?
  • I guess your body that got the shot in the 17th hole of the Old golf course at the beautiful playing ground of St. Andrews.
  • I have been playing the game all day and shot all the 18 holes. I wish you can be my 19th hole tonight.

Funny Golf Pickup Lines

  • Hey Wendy! You look so beautiful than the hundred pink flamingoes on the well-constructed golf course.
  • Hey love! I wish to suck your golf ball so you can have a memorable moment tonight.
  • Hey Lisa! Spread your legs and shoulder width so that we can have a successful golf swing tonight.
  • I may not be good at assigning numbers on the golf course but I can predict your phone number perfectly.
  • Hey Maria! Come and be my 19th hole because I'm tired of playing the 18th hole.
  • Hey baby! If you prefer gentle strokes to putts. Come with me.
  • Hey Lisa! I have taken you as the precious Nike ball. I will like to have you in my amazing hole tonight.
  • Hey Jackson! My caddy told me to use the powerful hard 7. Are you okay with that?
  • If you come to visit my hole tonight, I can wedge my ball into your precious sand trap.
  • Hey Stones! Come; let's make perfect golf prodigies together.
  • Hey baby! Let me take you as the next hole tonight. I am tired of playing golf on the golf course.
  • If I join you for a complete game, you will have a threesome.
  • Hey love! Did you enjoy sucking my golf ball through the 50 feet of my garden hose?
  • Hey Lisa! I am aware you just got the major rank in the Army. Can I hook up with you tonight for a proper celebration?
  • Hey Jane! You have an attractive shape. I noticed you outside the locker room of the PGA tour.
  • That lady looks like an ugly dog-leg. However, I will desire to tee off with you.
  • Hey lady! You look so beautiful and brighter than the golf game.
  • Hey baby! Let me plug my nice balls into your bunker tonight.
  • Hey baby! I can see you have a wicked slice. Let me call you your Mister Right.
  • Hey Wendy! This is the man that loves Gatorade. He will like to raid you tonight.
  • Hey Ruby! What will happen today, do you want to do Skin play or Stroke play?
  • Hey baby! If you like what I have in my jean that makes me 13th ranked golfer, join me to make that V-jay weep and sing.
  • Do you prefer calling a couple of friends to play a foursome or we should get along together?
  • I'm beginning to imagine you as a grand slam if you can attempt the four majors.
  • Hey Mark! Do you wanna play an exciting golf game with me?
  • Do you wanna pull the wood out of my panties?
  • Hey Maria! Are you interested in attempting the game with some new balls?
  • Can you tell me the number of strokes you want? I will shoot all without getting tired.
  • I have been working hard to perfect my approach for tonight's tussle. It will add to your pretty good swing.
  • Can I see your clubhead that is 360cc bigger than mine?
  • Do you bear the poop in the woods? If yes, teach me how to screw into them.
  • I have the expertise to pound you tonight. Try me out and you will not regret your action.
  • You look like a gallant major bomb. I guess you just got a promotion from the position of an army captain.
  • Hey Mao! Can you bring some of your friends so we can enjoy a foursome play together?
  • I like the attitude of my co-players. They are lovely and fun to play with.
  • Do you need a lesson to play the game? Come and learn under my tutelage. You will get into the hole successfully.
  • My shaft is suitable to accommodate you.
  • I like my driver the way I like men. It's tall and stiff.
  • Come; let's play the exciting game of golf together. Tell me the number of strokes you want and you will get it.
  • People on this tour know me to have a lengthy club.
  • People on the golf course know me to have a lengthy shaft.
  • How many strokes are you expecting tonight?
  • I have good news for you today. Just go low to hear it.


Golf pick-up lines have been crafted to help golfers get along with their friend, gaming partners, and colleagues. Today, I have come up with exciting and romantic golf pick-up lines. Happy reading!

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