Best Dinosaur Pick Up Lines, Dinosaur Captions for Instagram or Quotes

by Andreas Ramos

Nowadays, many people are interested in content that will help them lure their Jurassic Park lovers without any hassle. For this purpose, you can use cheesy, romantic, and funny pick-up lines. These pickup lines have fun content that will attract the attention of your lover at all time points. With that said, today, I will compile interesting dinosaur pick-up lines that are useful at any time you need them.

Best Dinosaur Pick Up Lines, Dinosaur Captions for Instagram or Quotes

Romantic Dinosaur Pickup Lines

Hey baby! Come and dig up my bone tonight.
Do you wanna watch how my dinosaur will evolve tonight?
Hey baby! Come and dig up my bone tonight
Hey baby! Come and dig up my bone tonight
Hey Lisa! Come and Jurassic-ing I back to my place.
Hey friend! Are you looking to overcompensate me tonight? Check this out.
Hey Wendy! I have some new things you can club with this weekend. Come over to my place.
Hey baby! I wish to date you like the Uranium series, yummy you as yellowcake.
You are making me feel horny. I guess you are the triceratops.
Hey baby! I can make your bedrock even if am not a flintstone.
Hey Melinda! You are making my head spin round like a perfect wheel.
Hey baby! Do you wanna come for the bbq whole mammoth?
Hey Lisa! Even though I don't have a wheel yet, you are making my head spin already.
I would have wished you had stegosaurus me tonight.
Hey baby! You act like an evacuation site because of the way am digging you this night.
Let us carbon day because we have a half-life that is approaching eternity.
Hey Maria! You look like an angel. I am also a dinosaur.
Hey baby! If you identify yourself as a dinosaur, I will take you to that dangerous guy.
Hey Jane! If you act like a dinosaur, you will be the Tyranno-Gorgeous Rex.
StegosaurYOU and StegosaurME must go out on a visit because of Stegosaurs.
I may not be a megalodon but I have a mega-long-dong.
Hey baby! Leave that carbon alone. Let's go out on a fun-filled date.
I have vestigial feelings for your attractive outlook anytime and any day.
Hey Jackson! I have always opined that BC represents Before You Came into My Life.
Hey Jane! Let me enjoy a smooth ride on you tonight because you look like a raptor.
You are allowed to read my body language towards you.
Hey Love! You should be called cute-no-shares because you look like a dinosaur.
You would have been a FINOSAURUS if you look like a dinosaur.
Hey Lisa! You are allowed to watch dinosaur movies any time you are free.
Hey Jones! Why can't you Triassic that little tenderness?
Do you wish to extract some precious minerals from my bone tonight?
Hey Kaze! See me in my room so I can make you a perfect dino-sore.

Best Dinosaur Pickup Lines

Hey baby! I am anticipating to plesiosaur you tonight.
Hey Lisa! Come to my room so I can show you the reason why I am called Erectus.
Best Dinosaur Pickup Lines
Best Dinosaur Pickup Lines

I act like an omnivore. Come right away, I will eat everything this weekend.
See me in my place so I can stegosaurus you in bed till daybreak.
Hey baby! Are you a tricerabottoms or a triceratops?
Hey baby! I love and appreciate your triceps-ratops.
My love for you is shining brighter than that of the meteor that is leading us on this night.
Hey Wendy! Let's do a Wilma and Barney, and bamm-bamm in my room tonight.
Come right here; let me tear you with my strong dactyl.
Hey Jack! Is my brother that owns that Lil pet baby dinosaur?
Don't underestimate this bone. It may not date to the ancient Jurassic Period, but you will still enjoy it because it rocks hard.
Hey Martin! Let's make that attractive button-down Henley extinct.
Come, let's hiber-mate in this ice location tonight.
Let's play the exciting "find the dinosaur" on this wide platform tonight.
Don't forget to dig that bone in your pant. Just like that of a dinosaur.
Your hair is already turning me on. It's just like that of the mammoth.
Hey baby! Though am not Fred Flintstone, I will make your bedrock seamlessly.
Both of us are like meteors resident in the sky.

Chessy Dinosaur Pickup Lines

Living without you as a dinosaur will be like a Tyrannosaurus Wreck.
Hey Jonnie! Have you ever heard anyone say you are dino-mite?
Hey Josh! Come right here and dig the bones in my pant tonight.
My heart beats like a Pterodactyl anytime I'm spending quality time with you.
Hey baby! Forget about carbon date; let's move to the matter of my heart.
Liken me to an elusive D-rachiosaurus if you know am a dinosaur.
Just tell me you are a dinosaur so I can find your boner. I mean bones.
Do you believe we are both dinosaur? Let's move to my place tonight.
I will make my bone stuck tonight because you are the La Brea tar pits.
I guess you are a dinosaur fossil because you have transformed me into an impatient palaeontologist. Please I need to date you tonight.
Come; let me cast a spell on you like the beautiful Azande witch doctors.
Hey Lisa! Come and check my attractive longitudinal series of small knobby prominences.
Do you know what people say about a dinosaur that has a long neck?
You like dinosaurs, I like dinosaurs, let's repeat it ten times.
Anytime I stare at your face. I feel like visiting the museum because I assume I have died in love.
Hey baby! Come and take care of this attractive item for me. My arms are short to handle.
My love for you is stronger than that of the scenes in the Jurassic Park movie.
No one knows the exact time we will be extinct. Let's live this life to the fullest.
I ran from that genetically modified hybrid mutant dinosaur because am afraid of it.
Hey Lisa! I appreciate you putting all the allosarus as you feel me.

Funny Dinosaur Pickup Lines

Hey Jonnie! Can you visit my room so you can check out the collections of my Folsom points?
I have seen people expressing their fear for dinosaur but am already falling for you.
I guess you are a dinosaur because your love is writing all over my face.
Hey Jackson! I have a few things that will excite you. Come over to my house tonight.
Lisa! Please follow me to my house so we can play with my attractive bonersaurus.
I am around today; you will experience my ice age because I will break it tonight.
Hey Kay! Your friend said I look like a diplodocus. Do you wish to see my diplococcus?
Are you happy to see me, just like the new club in that beautiful loincloth?
Hey Mitchy! You dress like an archaeologist, come and examine my bones tonight.
That attractive item on your chest looks like a nest. They are two T-Rex eggs in there.
Come kiss me if am not correct. Dinosaurs still exist in this age.
I don't like beating about the bush. These are the tricks you can use.
It seems you resemble my Sacrum. I would have fallen apart without you.
Only an idiot will expect a caveman to spell the extra letters in this word.
Come and Triassic my little tenderness.
Come let me demonstrate how you will kiss a dinosaur.
Let me pretend that you contain C12 so we can start dating.
T Rex had arms that cannot be used to hug you but I can do better.
You look Jurassic beautiful. Are you a dinosaur?
People believe carnivores are not sensitive. Do you believe so?
Have you ever imagine the reason why I am called Erectus?
You the light that keeps my smile. Come and see the smile.
It seems that club is placed under your feet or you are feeling happy to set your eyes on me?
Come and mosey-osaur over in my room tonight.
Come let me tyrannosaurus wreck you tonight.
You can express your feelings about me because I'm a triceratops.
I am your carnivorous T-Rex. Give me meat to eat.
Are you reading my body language because you are getting attracted to me?
Hey baby! Am feeling like we are in the sweet Flirtaceous period.
Hey girl! Let's play the dinosaur game. I will give you a simple clue. The clue is in my pant.
Am happy for digging you because you look like my excavation site.
Hey Lisa! Come and tell me your favorite dinosaur.
Lead me into your room. I want to play the exciting dinosaur game.
Do you wanna play the dinosaur game on me tonight?
The love of the game is writing all over your face. Come over here, a dinosaur is awaiting you.
Don't spend a dime on the exploration of the minerals in my bone. I will use my energy.


Dinosaur pick-up lines are interesting content you can use when getting along with your friend, family, spouse, and colleagues. Today, I have given you the best collections of relevant dinosaur pickup lines. Happy reading!

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