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by Andreas Ramos

Do you wish to impress your new friend with amazing pickup lines? Are you interested in testing good and romantic with friends and spouses from Asia? If yes, look no further because this content will give you exciting content that will suit your desire. You can use outstanding pickup lines to spice up your singing, dancing, and drawing activities. It helps men and women from countries like Vietnam, China, India, Japan, Korea, and the Philippines get along with themselves and strengthen their love. With that said, today, I will be telling you the best collections of romantic and funny Asian pickup lines.

Funny Asian Pickup Lines

Hey friend! I love my woman just as I like my rice. She's white and steamy.
Hey Lisa! My eyes may appear small but a huge personality is here with you.
Hey baby! Can I come over tonight because I saw you smiling - the moment you set your eyes on me?
I am happy that my eyes appear so small because your beautiful appearance is all that I can see.
I am anticipating you will stay a long while to make my tender heart melodious Singaporean tunes.
Funny Asian Pickup Lines
Funny Asian Pickup Lines

Hey baby! Do you love eating beautiful cats?
The roll in your hand is not different from an ice cream cone.
Hey Wendy! Do you have experience in the use of chopsticks?
Hey baby! I guess you are happy to see me or that is a cheese puff.
Hey Lisa! I need a good massage from you.
Hey friend! Let me act like a panda searching desperately for a handsome white boy.
I wish you could see how I cried emotionally during the Joy Luck Club.
Hey baby! Let's take a walk to my new abode.
Hey Theresa! What's your nationality?
Hey baby! I'm from China and interested in asking you out on a date because I guess you are from China.
Hey Alice! You look radiant; I guess you are affected by the radiation in the beautiful Asian country called Japan.
Hey Lisa! You look hot. I guess your ancestors are from the beautiful city of Hiroshima.
Black girls are full of excessive drama. I'm done with them.
Hey baby! I wish to say hello to your kitty.
Hey Melinda! I cannot stop thinking about your love.
Hey Jones! I have full knowledge of the 38th parallel.
Hey Marion! Are you from China because I will China on you tonight?
Hey Michel! Your teeth are as super white as my rice.
Hey Zhao! Are you from beautiful Thailand, because you will take me to Bangkok tonight?
Hey Martin! Get me an Asian ride tonight.
Hey Lisa! Do you know karate?
Hey Xu! I need to confirm this statement "Asian girls like white guys."
Hey baby! You look like the beautiful Margaret Cho.
Hey baby! Contact me if you have yellow fever, I will be your cure.

Romantic Asian Pickup Lines

Hey Zhao! Is it true that Asian girls are romantic and lovely to live with?
Hey Serena! Come; let me introduce my attractive Crouching Tiger to your nice Hidden Dragon.
Hey Jane! Though my eyes are small, I have detected the huge personality in you.
Hey Cho! You look like the amazing Kelly Hu.
Hey Friend! Come and give me your dad's number.
Hey baby! You look like the girl I met during the civil war.
Hey baby! I will love to go to Tibet because of you, provided you are not a monk.
Hey baby! You just stole my tender heart. I guess you are an Asian.
Hey love! Your voice sounds like a white girl.
I heard you are a perfect gentle lady, is it true?
Hey baby! Let me be the fortune in your sweet cookie.
Hey girl! I guess you are Japanese because I will drop a boy in ya tonight.
Hey baby! Can you help me get Ja-panties from Tokyo because you are from the city?
If you agree to be my Mulan, I will be your Shang.
Hey beautiful! You look so pretty. Are you are Asian girl? Do you like white guys or have you dated any of them before? I really want you in my life.
Hey Jane! What's your hurry because I got curry in my kitty?
Hey Lisa! Are you half or will you be my perfect half?
I can imagine myself in a basic brown beard group; you will surely be my panda.
Hey Zhao! Do you love me because I have always desire to date a beautiful Asian girl?
Hey guy! Do you want me to Nagasaki over your face tonight? If yes, come and visit me now.
Hey baby! You look tall for an Asian guy.
Hey Jackson! Do you have an offer for any Asians because I have a few for them?
I guess you are Vietnamese because am falling pho you right now.
Hey Zhao! Your facial outlook reminds me of my fifth wife.
Hey friend! It's strange that is mistaking you for a white girl at all times.
Hey baby! Do you have an Asian in you? Give me some.
Hey Wendy! Come and be the duck sauce in my egg roll tonight.
I may not be perfect at cooking but I can whip up that pretty fried rice.
White girls have too much drama, am done with them.
Hey Marion! Get under my mosquito net to avoid having malarial.
Hey baby! Your body is Bangen. I guess you love eating eggplants.
Do you know the meaning of my name? Say powerful.
Hey Lisa! Your body moves turn me on like a white rice cooker.
Hey Jane! Do you love Thai food?
Hey Zhao! Can you go out with me? You won't be the sari.
I need a lady who can be my Seoul-mate provided she's from South Korea.
Hey Jane! I know you would like the rice because I will never get tired of you.
Hey Lisa! Let me get you an Asian passport so I can get into your Japanese.
Hey baby! You are the sweet soy sauce to my fish.
Hey baby! You are the perfect Keema to my Somosa.
Hey Wendy! Can you make some sushi for me because I love it?
Hey Thao! I guess you are from the Philippines. Come; let me Phil you tonight.
Hey friend! You look like the beautiful Lucy Liu.
Hey Marion! You are so friendly. You must be from the amazing city of Tokyo.
Hey! give me the Korean BBQ. I love it.
All that you see is a disguise. I don't love nerds.
Hey friend! You look like the handsome white boy over there.
Hey Jane! Let me please you with my tongue. Hear me say, Ching Chong Chung.
Asian girls are tighter. I love them and desire to be with them.
Hey baby! You are my heart and Seoul.
Hey Zhao! Do you know tae kwon do?
Am beginning to see ya in my future. I guess your name is Asiyah.
Hey Tau! You are the fresh ginger on the big rice bowl of my life.
Wing Wing Wing Herro?
Hey Pete! Am down with malarial and you are the perfect cure for it.
Hey friend! Come let me say hello to your kitty.
Hey Leao! Have you ever been told that you resemble Chun Li?
I am not good at playing football but I can craft a letter for the varsity tennis and volleyball team.
Hey Jane! Come right here and walk on my back.
Hey Lisa! You are the yin in my yang.
Hey friend! Do you like interesting Bollywood films? If yes, come and see the well-casted samosa shack nearby.
Hey friend! Seeing you today makes my face turns alerted. No, I have been drinking all day.
Hey Mane! You don't have an Asian accent.
Hey friend! Always keep around the samurai sword. You will need it someday.
Close your eyes. Then open to see how much I cherish you.
Hey Wendy! Come lets dim sum lights tonight.
When you are with me. You will always feel like the Ganges. Always dirty, wet, and consistently in motion.
Hey love! Come let me be the useful fortune in your cookie.
Are you from Tokyo? Because I wanna migrate to your Japan ties.
Hey friend! Come join me in Tokyo tomorrow. I will be there preparing the way for you.
Your friend loves seeing Asian ladies. Do you like them too?
I wish I had met you before today. I would have spent the whole month with you in Thailand.
If you mean the whole world to him, immigrate with him to Mumbai.
Your impact is awaited in Indonesia. Don't hesitate to get in touch with your beautiful Zhao.
I desire to share the rare time with Asian guys. They are lovely to move with.
Love in Tokyo. Marry in Mumbai.
Visiting Thailand is the best thing I love. The ladies are sweet, lovely, and beautiful.


Meeting new friends and getting along with them is important to our improvement every day. When you meet new Asian friends, you can use any of the pickup lines to get along with them. Enjoy reading!

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