40+ Best Wally West Captions for Instagram

by KristyB

Wally West is also known as the Flash.

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Perfect Captions of Wally West

best captions on wally west
best captions on wally west

I liked the evil empire stuff better — if nothing else, it was easier to understand.

Let me give you some advice, Hornhead. Never but never interrupt a Titans

One side. Let somebody who knows what he’s doing take over.

Kid, after all his past scams, if Dad’s atoning with something legal and trying to improve society … I’m not going to interfere …

Man, were we really ever that young?

Yo, comic-book guy, this is pure Lee-Kirby! Basic physics, supes-style, right, Batman?

How does heknow things like that?

I swear every time we get together to fix up the Watchtower, some crisisbreaks out.

..this is the real thing, isn’t it. War, I mean.

If you were a gentleman, sir, you would let me win this race.

This is the guy who said he couldn’t live up to his myth. He’s wrestling an angel.

We have the greatest technology in the universe in our hands, and you have to tape up little paper signs?

I’ve been the Flash for years, now. I’ve helped save the world a dozen times. Saved it all by myself a time or three.

I hate it when Aquaman does monitor duty. He scratches the board up with that harpoon, and the seat smells of carp.

What kind of superhero needs to wet himself every hour?

I’m trying, Donna–but the one thing I havebeen taking slow and easy…making a play for you…has gotten me nowhere–fast!

If I didn’t know you were kerrazy about me, I’d be jealous, G.!

Years ago I used to hang out with a group called the Teen Titans. We were a junior Justice League dedicated to fighting crime, protecting democracy, listening to rock and roll — and trying to score with Wonder Girl.

I remember calling him names. Making fun of him as he’d ride off in those police cars. “Doctor Bite”. But he’s not a… joke anymore.

I never laid a hand on him!

Good Captions of Wally West for Instagram

best captions on wally west
best captions on wally west

My name is Wally West. I live in this cruddy little apartment with my mom. They call me Flash, ’cause I can run fast, really fast.

When uncle Barry… Aunt Iris decided to write about his life, she wanted the world to know who he really was. It wasn’t “The Flash” who died in the crisis… it was Barry Allen. When I went public, part of the reason was to make sure he didn’t get forgotten.

Sometimes a lesson learned outside the classroom can be just as important as a lesson learned inside a classroom!

Flash, what a sacrifice you made! To bring back my memory, you revealed your secret to the world! What are we going to do now?

They called hima traitor–a coward! But they were wrong! He’s the bravest man I’ve ever known–a real hero!

Tommy Davis is a smart boy! He must have figured out that Wally West is Kid Flash–

This isn’t exactly a job for a super-speedster, but maybe my reputation as a do-gooder will get him to listen to reason!

Too bad I had to let George believe he fouled things up! But then again, there’s always the chance that he might have done just that! Anyway, this’ll teach him not to fool around with dangerous stuff like gas……and criminals!

There’s more than one way to skin a rat…

I’m probably the best driver on the road…what with my super-fast sight and reflexes!

Gail should return to 1978 with a normal brain — forecast-free! Look–! That 747 flying overhead proves we’re back in our own era!

‘Kid Flash doesn’t even rate an honorable mention right here in his own home town!’

Keystone is under the protection of a man who can throw haymakers like machine-gun fire … who can create cyclones with a wave of his arm … who can outrun gravity. Keystone is my city.

Linda … I made it through. I sped to the other side of light. I became part of some force … some power. It was … it was glorious.

What is it with this century?

I tear the muscles in my shoulders as I throw my arms forward at over one hundred thousand miles per second. And I give Hunter a push.

Any child’s death is not just a cessation of a living being. It’s the death of hope. And without that–what have we got?

Besides, when you have powers, people expect way too much of you

I’m getting lectured on child safety from a man who’s gone through four Robins?

Vibrating . . . time traveling . . . welcome to the family business, son.

. . . and you’re all that’s keeping me from ending up in a nursing home with Batman.

Let me get this straight. You’re saying I’m not qualified to be a security guard? You have no idea how funny that is.

Stuffing envelopes. I could make a million dollars today stuffing envelopes . . . if it weren’t a scam.

Angular what? Talk English, professor.

Set your brains on stunned, kids … we’re going to the place where super-speed comes from.

If I’ve learned anything, it’s that life is damn delicate, and you have to enjoy the good times when they come. As long as I have my loved ones around me, nothing much else matters. Honest. If I lost my powers tomorrow and they never came back, at least I could say…I had a great run.

Contrary to rumor, the Justice League does not hire dorks

I am not going to let this ruin my day.

Mock you? I despise you! You play at dictator while old men have to grub in the street for bottles to survive! People told me I could be as fast as Barry! I just had to believe it! Well, I believe it now!

Me? I’m an individual … one appalled by tyrants who champion mindless slavery over free will and liberty!

Classic and Sassy Captions for Wally West

best captions on wally west
best captions on wally west

My problem is obvious. I haven’t told anyone, but I’m mongo nervous that Barry’s re-emergence as the “real” Flash makes me… redundant.

A bunch of times I’ve been stripped of my powers… but in my mind, I was still The Flash. I wouldn’t ever let that go. This time, my powers are intact. It’s my identity that’s been revoked… and that makes all the difference. For the first time since I was a kid, I’m just Wally West. I’m not a hero anymore.

Listen to me. I’m not going to say this twice. Thawne doesn’t care about any of you. He’s after Wally West. Now that he’s crippled Jay and tried to trash Barry’s rep, I’m the only other target left to him.

I know, I know. I’m a communist, a bookburner, and I kick dogs. But I just can’t sit through baseball. It moves so slow…!

I know how these things go. Whoever this “Neron”guy is … I’ll run into him sooner than later …

You don’t suppose this is what it’s always been about for Max, do you? Was the threat of Savitar the reason he became part of our lives …

But the garbage is gone!

I don’t want my loved ones to miss me … but that’s the beauty of time-travel. Once I find a path back, I can arrange to get home just a few seconds after I left.

Who knows? Someday, maybe you’ll help inspire a legion of super-heroes.

Whenever I entered the Speed Force, I knew that I still had an anchor to the real world. A love like a lightning rod. I could always find my way back to her .. find my way home … so long as our bond wasn’t broken.

Let’s go fix your mess.

This time, you saw what I wanted you to see. And by the way… How dare you use me as an infomercial?

Welcome to Bizarro Keystone, where Flash am loved. Maybe this whole Santa Marta thing bears further thought.

I can metabolize the alcohol by running around the house. In the meantime I think I’ll just stand here and see how much I can drink.

And we already know he’s going to send me back. It happens. It has happened. Don’t worry: I think I have a plan.

I can’t stand this… I can’t stand just sitting around like this! It feels like I’m nailed to this chair! I should be moving! Have you any idea what it’s like when you can’t move?

Linda… you’re my beacon. No matter where I go, no matter what I do… I can always find my way back home because you’re there. That’s my vow to you, Linda. My home, my life, all my love… it will always rest with only you. Be mine, Linda. With you in my life… I’m forever safe.

The heat of hishatred for all things Flash would dwarf the sun… and will pass down through all his descendants. Will you help me against him?

Don’t eat people…?

As Kid Flash, I could circle the world in minutes, travel to different dimensions, whatever…but as Wally West, I still lived with my parents in Blue Valley, U.S. capital of pure boredeom…and as Wally West, I’d never done anything–been anywhere–on my own.

Where the hell is Keystone City?

You claim I’ve sold out to my predecessor, that I turned my back on who I was. It’s you who betrayed yourself. You were a great artist, Grimm. A kid with a dream just like me. The difference is you gave up. I didn’t. I live my dream now.

I’m going to make the rounds while you’reat class. The Thinker and the Rogues caused a lot of heartache and damage. I need to check in on everyone, make sure they’re okay — and I can’t wait to spread the good word.

You know, every time someone has a “team-up”, rumors hit the spandex grapevine. We all talk. The Rayis a mooch, Halo will talk your ear off, and Animal Man and his family actually send fruit baskets.

I don’t wear this uniform to frighten anyone. And I don’t fight for vengeance.

It was Zoom.

The JDL… the Jewish Defense League… in costume?

No! No, damnit. I’m not the Flash. I’m not… It’s not my fault.

I’m sorry, Linda.

For the first time in your life, Superman, you’re wrong.

Don’t hang up! You don’t know what I have to go through to get these quarters!

Everyone has one. That kid you grew up with who knows you as well as your own brother. Maybe better. And then somewhere along the way, something happened. Something pushed you both in different directions. Us? I got married. He didn’t.

Barry used to tell me, “Life is too short– unless someone you love goes first.”

Grab your top hat, Zee. We have a mind to fix.

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