Struggle Quotes Captions For Instagram!

by Tokyo Chan

52 Struggle Quotes Captions For Instagram about life and struggles. Here are the best struggle quotes and struggle sayings for those tough times that will make you think positive and to keep you motivated from all the adversity in life.

Struggle Quotes Captions For Instagram

struggle word
struggle word
  • “Anyone who has no need of anybody but himself is either a beast or a God.”
  • “Never go tapping into the lives of others like you know them and their story! Their story is not yours, tell yours, for that is all you know”
  • “People can have the best of intentions when they tell their loved ones how they should be living their lives. But often times, when we are in struggle, we are seeking to be supported, not solved.”
  • “Life doesn’t give you much, but for the ones who want to learn, life teaches them how to be strong before they start living their lives instead of just existing in this world”
  • “You can’t solve anyone else’s life for them. But then, if you see someone struggling with a heavy load, isn’t it forbidden to walk on without helping them”
  • “Some people are silently struggling with burdens that would break our backs”
  • “Memories don’t die, they become shelved in recesses of one’s mind, resurfacing when the triggers of life re-ignite them, lighting up the heart, in a warm glow of remembrance”
  • “One who achieves through struggle has a far good taste of happiness than who gains at once”
  • “Days come and go, but the only thing that remains within you are the lessons that you learn by each passing day.”
  • “Don’t fill life with struggles—fill life with joy. A flower always struggles to survive, but it never forgets to bloom with joy”
  • “Sometimes when hardships knock, it’s just life. Do not take it personal “
  • “The more I let people into my life,The more trouble, I bring upon myself “”Don’t take giant leap to make your life better. Just enjoy every minute of your life “
  • “Have your one good cry, pick your chin up, smile, and move on to the positive “
  • “Life’s struggles are necessary for growth “
  • “You can also make your flaws work for you”
  • “Make your flaw your strength”
  • “Struggles not only make us into stronger, better and wiser people, they also let us learn more about ourselves and our purpose in life”
  • “Without life’s struggles, we cannot grow into the person that we are meant to become.”
  • “There is a purpose in life’s struggles. Without them, we stay the same.”
  • “Don’t fail to try because this is how winners roll.”
  • “Everybody is fighting a hard battle that you know nothing about, never give up with yours.”

Life Struggle Quotes and Sayings

struggle image
struggle image
  • “Quietly endure, silently suffer and patiently wait “
  • “…people with nothing to declare carry the most.”
  • “Always think extra hard before crossing over to a bad side, if you were weak enough to cross over, you may not be strong enough to cross back”
  • “Memories are meant to serve you, not enslave you”
  • “When nothing goes right, you have to face forward and take it on head first.”
  • “Achieving success is a challenge but so is struggling so you may as well choose success”
  • “Everyone struggles. Each life comes with a long catalog of pain.”
  • “Appreciate the struggles as opportunities to wake up”
  • “Our struggles build us up”
  • “Life is a challenge. One overcomes, and other struggles”
  • “Great struggles have always preceded greater opportunities. Look!”
  • “You’re doing well. When things are hard I’ll run with you, don’t worry.”
  • “Let us accept our struggles, embrace them, and forge ahead.”
  • “Look back at your life. It’s always the hardest times that made you sensual”
  • “I know the struggles. I know the pain. I know the life because I live it too.”
  • “Believe in yourself, keep a can-do approach, struggle hard and watch success follow”
  • “Be enthusiastic for what you want. Work hard for it”
  • “No struggle, no success. The stronger the thunder, the heavier the rainfall”
  • “We all struggle. It’s just that some of us struggle out loud and some of us don’t.”
  • “I have yet to go through a struggle I didn’t smile at later.”
  • “Struggle only when if its absolute necessity, if you will struggle on every step you can never reach up to the goal”
  • “If you endure every struggle, you will find your potential strength.”
  • “Struggles test the strength of our faith”
  • “There is scarcely any passion without struggle”
  • “I will be stronger than my sadness”
  • “Life’s a climb. But the view is great”
  • “The world is larger and more beautiful than my little struggle.”
  • “There is no life without struggle.”
  • “Only when we face the impossible, and experience the unbearable, do we find out who we truly are”
  • “Life is a struggle, from the agonies of birth to the railing against death. Devour or be devoured. The law of the wild.”
  • “My struggle to be a writer gives meaning to my existence”
  • “Every struggle you overcome, will build the strength of your spirit.”
struggle emoji
struggle emoji

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Tokyo Chan is a creative writer who enjoys writing captions for Instagram and inspiration quotes. She received her bachelor of art degree in English from San Jose State University, California. Tokyo aspires to be a published author and motivational speaker. She loves spending time with her family and friends, traveling, and exploring new cultures.

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