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Rex Orange County Quotes

Rex Orange County Quotes

“I think there’s no limit to ambition, and if you want something, you can make anything happen, so go for it.”

“I’m usually just writing lyrics alone in my room, but I’m happy to be producing and writing chords anywhere.”

“As long as you’re being yourself and putting out what you want to put out, it’ll be the best thing you could do.”

Rex Orange County Quotes

“Some people can work on the road, and that’s incredibly impressive… maybe I’m not working myself hard enough.”

“Proud of me and my shortlist of accomplishments.”

“The moment you start thinking about what other people and other artists think, you’re going to start writing like other people.”

Rex Orange County Quotes

“I’m quite stubborn, and it’s hard for me to let people in – whether that’s literally, musically, or with business and work.”

“I think ‘Apricot Princess’ actually came out before ‘Flower Boy.”

“Alex Tumay is a recording engineer who works a lot with Young Thug and a load of other rappers, like Quavo. I’m just a fan of his work.”

Rex Orange County Captions

Rex Orange County Captions

“Loving is easy.”

“Sunflower still grows at night.”

“I’m afraid of peacocks”

Rex Orange County Captions

“It ain’t new to me, feeling this lonely .”

“I just want to tell people how I am.”

“You’re still my favorite girl.”

“I’m obsessed with you.”

Rex Orange County Captions

“The only one she loves is herself.”

“I should’ve stayed at home.”

“I love things that are really linear and perfect and simple.”

“I like being at the front – it’s where I’m meant to be.”

Rex Orange County Captions


“I feel like collaborating is something I need to try more of.”

“It’s not clear what I need yet, but it’s clear it’s not you.”

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