Best Lazy Captions For Instagram

Just because you don’t do much doesn’t mean you don’t need to keep your Instagram fresh. So let’s post something weird or new pics with lazy captions. It can show how much you are experiencing stress and laziness today.

Best Lazy Captions For Instagram

  • “Cheesin’.”
  • “But first, let me take a selfie.”
  • “Life is too short to be serious.”
  • “Just peachy.”
  • “The lighting was good.”

Best Lazy Captions For Instagram

  • “Mood.”
  • “Feeling blue.”
  • “Love yourself, first.”
  • “Mirror pics will never go out of style.”
  •  “On a date, kind of nervous.”
  • “You stole a pizza my heart.”
  • “Caption this cuteness.”
  •  “Thanks for putting up with me.”
  •  “This guy.”
  •  “Be mine.”
  • “You’re cute.”
  • “I think I’ll keep you.”
  • “Feeling lucky to have you in my life.”

Lazy Captions For Your Bestie Snaps

  • “Ovaries before brovaries.”
  • “My day one.”
  • “If you had a twin I would still choose you.”
  • “Hot date.”

Best Lazy Captions For Instagram

  • “Double trouble.”
  • “Anotha one.”
  • “So dysfunctional.”
  • “Hard to tell where you end and I begin.”
  • “Sister, sister.”
  • “Girl power.”

Lazy Captions For Your Foodie ‘Grams

  • “On this episode of Chopped.”
  • “Fries before guys.”
  • “I love you a latte.”
  • “Be hoppy.”
  • “Stop and smell the rosé.”
  •  “My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.”
  •  “Put me on Food Network.”
  • “Salty and sweet.”
  • “Just wingin’ it.”

Lazy Captions For The Summer Vibes

  •  “Aloe you vera much.”
  •  “Seas the day.”
  •  “Life’s a beach.”
  •  “Boats and respectable women.”
  • “Tropic like it’s hot.”
  • “Keep calm and carry on.”
  •  “Feeling wavy.”
  • “Whale hello there!”
  •  “Don’t be shady.”

Lazy Captions For When It’s The Weekend

  •  “I got that Friday feeling.”
  •  “Weekend vibes.”
  • “Saturdays are for the girls.”
  •  “Said I wasn’t going out.”
  •  “Sunday Funday.”
  •  “It’s a great day to have a great day.”
  • “Fri-yay.



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