Best 35 Irish Puns Captions For Instagram

by Tokyo Chan

Whether you share a picture of yours with funny Irish puns? Or Are you searching for the greatest Irish puns? So we have listed here some collection of Irish puns to share with your friends and family on this special St. Patrick’s Day and grab everyone’s attention.

Best Irish Puns

Best Irish Puns for instagram
Best Irish Puns for instagram
  • “It’s time to paddy like the Irish do!”
  • “The Irish do it better.”
  • “Keep calm and stay lucky.”
  • “I’m not Irish, but kiss me anyway.”
  • “Irish, you were mine.”
  • “Eat, drink, and be Irish!”
  • “Irish you a whole pot of gold!”
  • “That’s a bunch of blarney.”
  • “Irish I was drinking.”
  • “Irish puns are the most O’ffensive.”
  • “If it ain’t brogue, don’t fix it.”
  • The barman said to Paddy, “Your glass is empty, can I get you another one?”
    Paddy replied, “Why would I be needing two feckin’ empty glasses?”

Shamrock Puns

Shamrock Puns for instagram
Shamrock Puns for instagram
  • “Let’s have a shamrockin’ good time tonight!”
  • “What do you call a fake Irish stone? A shamrock.”
  • “I found my lucky charm!”
  • “It ain’t over till it’s clover.”
  • “Who says it’s not easy being green?”
  • “Luckier than a four-leaf clover.”
  • “Friends are like four-leaf clovers: hard to find, lucky to have.”

Leprechaun Puns

Leprechaun Puns for instagram
Leprechaun Puns for instagram
  • “The leprechauns made me do it.”
  • “I kissed a leprechaun and I liked it.”
  • “What’s a leprechaun’s favorite music? Sham-rock and roll.”
  • “Keep calm and leprechaun.”
  • “Today I be-leaf in leprechauns.”

Boozy Puns

Boozy Puns for instagram
Boozy Puns for instagram
  • “Take a pitcher, it’ll last longer.”
  • “Irish I had another Guinness.”
  • “The paddy don’t start till I walk in.”
  • “I’m not Irish, but my coffee is.”
  • “Irish today, hungover tomorrow.”
  • “Life of the paddy.”
  • “Irish you were beer!”
  • “I’d rather be someone’s Shot or Whiskey than everyone’s cup of tea.”

About Tokyo Chan

Tokyo Chan is a creative writer who enjoys writing captions for Instagram and inspiration quotes. She received her bachelor of art degree in English from San Jose State University, California. Tokyo aspires to be a published author and motivational speaker. She loves spending time with her family and friends, traveling, and exploring new cultures.

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