Funny fall Puns

If you still need that perfect funny caption to take photos of your autumn Instagram quotes for your Instagram posts, you will be no less than Pun-King for this clever saying about the best season of the fall. Let’s take a look at the best fall puns we have given below.

Fall Puns Captions For Instagram

  • I’m falling for you.
  • Gourd of the Rings.
  • You really autumn know…

Best Funny fall Puns

  • FALLing in love with autumn.
  • Pride comes before the fall.
  • My favorite fall outfit is a har-vest.
  • Summer is better than autumn? That’s a fallacy.
  • You’re the apple of my eye.
  • May the forest be with you.
  • Spice, spice, baby.
  • I’m an acorn-y person.
  • Do you have anything to fall back on?
  • The fall is amazing.
  • Spectacular!
  • Don’t even chai.
  • Trick or treat yo’ self.
  • Have a gourd time!
  • And then they lived apple-y ever after.

Best Funny fall puns

  • Life is gourd.
  • Orange you glad its autumn?
  • I like you a latte.
  • Hello, gourd-generous.
  • Fall down once, stand up twice.
  • Am I okay? Of course, I’m pine.
  • I only have pies for you.
  • Hay there!
  • I’m so corn-fused.
  • Zero shucks were given.”
  • “Don’t be hay-tin on my autumn.
  • “If you’ve got it, haunt it.”
  • “Fall so hard mother pumpkins wanna spice me.”

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