70 Best Burger Captions for Instagram

by Andreas Ramos

Looking for the best burger captions to posting a tasty and mouthwatering burger pics on social media? Then you have come to the right place. A burger is one of the popular and ultimate comfort food. We come up with the best burger captions for Instagram that will capture your all feelings while you chowing a burger. Let’s check out all these tasty burger captions and choose perfect for your picture.

Best Burger Captions for Instagram

Best Burger Captions for Instagram
Best Burger Captions for Instagram
  • life is too short to miss out on double cheeseburgers
  • I’m into fitness…fitness whole burger in my mouth
  • we go together like a burger and fries
  • I can has Cheezburger?
  • nice buns
  • we followed our hearts and it led us to burgers
  • bacon — it’s like meat candy
  • don’t go bacon my heart
  • body by burgers
  • burger + bacon = perfect combo
  • you can’t spell “friends” without “fries”
  • so…we meat again
  • burgers are my favorite food group
  • we don’t want none unless you got buns hun
  • fry day is the best day
  • i’m sorry for what i said before i had my burger
  • it’s burger o’clock
  • yeah, i lift…this burger to my mouth
  • say cheese(burgers)!
  • when life throws you a burger, eat it
  • burger on the brain
  • come for the burger, stay for the fries
  • i work out because i love burgers
  • who’s the burger boss?
  • our abc’s — always bcheesin’
  • there’s no “i” in cheeseburger
  • it has lettuce and tomato…so a burger is basically a salad
  • wind in my hair, smell of fries in the air
  • tomatoes grow up to be ketchup
  • you did something today to deserve a burger

Funny Cheeseburger Captions

Funny Cheeseburger Captions for instagram
Funny Cheeseburger Captions for instagram
  • Life is too short to miss out on beautiful things like a double cheeseburger.
  • Man who invented the hamburger was smart; a man who invented the cheeseburger was a genius.
  • Nobody knew they needed a smartphone, an automobile, or even a cheeseburger from a drive-through window.
  • who’s the burger boss?
  • our ABC’s — always bcheesin’
  • there’s no “i” in a cheeseburger
  • Sometimes I thank God … for cheeseburgers.
  • Oh, loneliness and cheeseburgers are a dangerous mix.
  • I’m all about fashion, cheeseburgers, and bright red lipstick.
  • Keep climbing,’ he told himself. ‘Cheeseburgers,’ his stomach replied. ‘Shut up,’ he thought. ‘With fries,’ his stomach complained.
  • I want a cheeseburger so badly but I have to be a vampire in a few weeks.
  • “You think I’d cheat on you?” I demanded with all the innocent outrage I could muster. “With another guy, no. With a cheeseburger . . . in a heartbeat.
  • The first American word that I learned was cheeseburger.
  • I was kosher until I had my Bar Mitzvah, and I parlayed officially becoming a man into telling my father I wanted to eat cheeseburgers.
  • Welcome to Good Burger! Home of the Good Burger! Can I take your order?
  • I would like a cheeseburger, with a side of a cheeseburger, and see if they can make me a cheeseburger smoothie.
  • Cheeseburger in paradise.

Instagram Captions For Burgers

Instagram Captions For Burgers
Instagram Captions For Burgers
  • Most people want a perfect relationship. I just want a hamburger that looks like the ones in commercials.
  • Oh, loneliness and cheeseburgers are a dangerous mix.
  • We go together like a burger and fries.
  • The only vegetables I eat are lettuce on a burger.
  • In a relationship…with this burger
  • burger magic
  • suns out, buns out
  • our pickles are kind of a big dill
  • lady in the streets, freak when she eats (cheeseburgers)
  • burgers make the world go ‘round
  • the best burgers are the ones shared with friends
  • burger party at my place
  • extra beef, hold the lettuce leaf
  • stop. burger time
  • the meat is on
  • burger dates for burger mates
  • living that burger life
  • burger vibes
  • so many burgers, so little time
  • find someone who looks at you like she’s looking at this burger
  • what’s slower — a microwave minute, or a “waiting for my burger” minute?
  • is it a food baby? Nah, just a burger


About Andreas Ramos

Andreas Ramos is a social media enthusiast who loves writing captions for Instagram. He enjoys spending time with his family and friends, and traveling to new places. Andreas is also a fitness enthusiast, and likes to stay active by practicing yoga and going for walks.

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