Best New Car Captions for Instagram, New Car Pick up Lines or Quotes

by Tokyo Chan

Cars are adorable. it also thrills its owner, most especially when you just buy it new.

As a new car owner, you need some interesting pick-up lines to get along with the excitement and celebrations. These pick-up lines must be lovely, exciting, funny, and fun-filled. That said, new car owners always encounter the challenges of getting the right captions for their Instagram posts. Therefore, today, I will be telling you the best new car captions you can use for your Instagram post at any time point.

Funny New Car Captions

  • Hey baby! Why do you work hard in silence and will deny your car of making some noise?
  • The greatest fulfillment is buying your dreamed car and driving it in enjoyment.
Funny New Car Captions
Funny New Car Captions

  • Hey Freddie! Keep calm and continue driving till we get there.
  • Hey Wayne! Start the engine and ride on with speed.
  • Hey friend! Don't always pray for things. Work hard for that which you need.
  • Eat, sleep, and enjoy the freshness of life in your new car.
  • Hey Fury! Start the car so we can take a ride together.
  • Jane, buying a new car may have no impact on your life but it will definitely change your attitude.
  • Never tell friends and colleagues your plans. Just show them the results.
  • The law of imagination and reality is sweet. I have always imagined myself driving my new car. It's now a reality.
  • Hey Ran! Give me your car key, let me feel the car by driving it around.
  • This beautiful car is a dream come true.
  • While my imagination of driving a new car still lingers, I got its keys in reality.
  • It's never my style to be a mediocre driver. I will always drive professionally.
  • Hey Ryan! It's not the car you drive but the way you handle its power steering.
  • It's like your new car is becoming your attitude, just wear it before going anywhere.
  • A calculative man will love his girlfriend for one month, his wife for one year, and his car forever.
  • My new girlfriend is called my new car because I love her dearly.
  • Hey baby! Shift to success mode. I wanna check you out.
  • Hey Jane! I'm unleashing the beast on your tonight.
  • Hey friend! I'm adding this new car to my car collections. Come celebrate with me.
  • I use the perfume known as New car interior because I want to attract fresh girls.
  • Hey Freddie! Always control your dreams rather than following them.
  • After searching all day long. I couldn't find the beautiful sports car I have always imagined. So I decided to build it out of imagination.
  • Happy is the smell of a brand new car because your soul will always delight in it.
  • Hey Friend! I'm absolutely in love with your new wheels.
  • In an actual sense, I don't rename new items. However, you can be called my Attitude after purchasing you.
  • Men officially love women than women love their new cars.
  • After a thorough search. Nothing has really changed with the new car. Just the power steering and the gear.
  • In life, nothing good comes easy. Purchasing your new call will follow the same pattern.
  • Hey Ran! Never mind what he says. She will chase you tomorrow because you are dedicated to chasing your dreams today.

Chessy New Car Captions

  • Hey Lisa! No amount of words can describe my deep love for this beautiful car.
  • I was cheered up today because the car looks perfect and attractive.
Chessy New Car Captions
Chessy New Car Captions

  • If you know my love for cars, you will know how much I appreciate the newest addition of cars in my garage.
  • It may be okay to buy an old car but driving the car till your old age will not be okay.
  • The greatest event happened today. This new car is the reward for my hard labor.
  • My new car is the first milestone I have reached as an adult.
  • This mini cooper is my first purchase as a big kid.
  • It's time to hit the newly constructed road with my new car.
  • Even though my new whip is expensive, I am not happy with it.
  • Finally, my baby just arrived. Guess what it is, My new car.
  • Hey Freddie! I can't believe that girl is mine.
  • A car will only change your status, not your life.
  • Hey friend! Note that the kind of car you drive determines your personality.
  • Hey Ran! Stop acting like a jealous guy. You can visit other showrooms without any stress.
  • I have seen what I like and I just purchased it. Join me let's start flirting around with it.
  • You cannot buy this with your money but your hard work has earned it for you.
  • I am built to win and born to succeed.
  • The car you drive depicts your personality.
  • Just beat the odds. Move on and remain humble to the end.
  • Hey Jammie! If you can't add this car to your financial burden, don't buy it.
  • Hey Jane! Work hard with me so we can make new things happen.
  • If you don't dream it, you won't drive it.
  • Even though I am in lac, am not lacking because I just got my new car.
  • Hey Bobby! Look carefully at this beauty. She really loves you.
  • The sales boy of the company said the car looks cute like its owner.
  • Discourage yourself from driving an old car because life is too short to live.
  • Just handle your car well so it will not give you a problem later.
  • From me to you, I wish you a happy new car day.
  • Hey friend! Keep calm and drive safely.
  • Hey Joe! I don't pray for your love, but I pray for your new cars from you.
  • The best drink you must give to your new car is engine oil.
  • There is so much happiness and fulfillment in seating and driving a new car.
  • Though, following your dreams is good, but is better to drive your dream.
  • One of the exciting smells is the odor from a new car.
  • My new car is all about the upgrade.
  • If you fail to check back your car after packing it, you may claim the wrong car.

Car Guy Quotes

  • Hey Love! The car we drive as a couple says a lot about our relationship.
  • Do you love my car? If yes, prove it through your actions.
Car Guy Quotes
Car Guy Quotes

  • If I can't find the sports car I saw in my dream, I will design it myself.
  • If a stranger stops you in traffic to say your car is fine. You will be like "yea I know."
  • Life is a race, everything before or after deals with waiting.
  • Hey Juliet! Am not addicted to oil but my car does.
  • The most exciting thing is diagnosing the problem of your car and fixing it yourself.
  • An unmarried male gynecologist can be likened to an auto mechanic that is yet to own a car.
  • Women are like the cars we drive. Some want Ferrari, others want a truck but they later end up getting a station wagon.
  • Self-driving is what we must do because it's the only way of assuring the safety of life.
  • A racing car can be compared to an animal with many adjustments.
  • Seeing you by the side mirror of my car is amazing. Let's go for a ride.
  • Old cars are for older men. New cars are purchased by younger men.
  • All the new cars were once the dream of somebody.
  • A friend once told me that making the one last payment for your new car is the best dream you can achieve.
  • A straight road cannot make the real driver.
  • When it comes to driving a car, only two varieties of people are possible. A coward and a fool.
  • After buying a new car yesterday. You wake up the next morning and stare at the window to see it. You can't believe you own it.
  • Vintage cars are my favorite because there are many things you can do with them.
  • Electric cars will only be greeted by a gradual improvement in the market and not taking the market by storm.
  • Without new cars, our rooms will be cleaner and our minds will become empty.
  • Fast cars are my best choice.
  • You can get your favorite car in any color. Just count on our services.
  • Violets are blue, roses are red, but my love for you is more than that of cars.
  • Never run your mouth but always run your car.
  • New cars bring me great joy.
  • Don't consider electric cars as pollutant-free because it generates its car from somewhere.
  • Either you know or don't have an idea of how a car runs, you will enjoy driving it.
  • Modern cars are my favorite because of their beautiful designs.
  • What you have behind you doesn't matter to me. All I need is you.
  • Car is dear to my heart
  • Fast cars are like Ferraris and Porsches.
  • Life is too short to experience traffic.


Today, I have crafted exciting captions for Instagram for new cars. Hope you will have the right words with the best captions for your photos. Happy reading!

About Tokyo Chan

Tokyo Chan is a creative writer who enjoys writing captions for Instagram and inspiration quotes. She received her bachelor of art degree in English from San Jose State University, California. Tokyo aspires to be a published author and motivational speaker. She loves spending time with her family and friends, traveling, and exploring new cultures.

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