40 Best Anti Pick Up Lines

by Tokyo Chan

Tired of getting dirty pickup lines from unwanted people? We’ve put together a list of the best pick-up line reactions or comebacks, known as anti-pick-up lines, used for fun rejection. To help you, here is a collection of the best anti-pick up lines that you can use to answer them.

Best Anti Pick Up Lines

  • Excuse me, do you have a pen?Then you’d better get back to it before the farmer notices you’re gone.
  • Woah!You look like I need a drink.
  • What’s a girl like you doing in a nice place like this?
  • Ask me if I’m a tree. Are you a tree? No.
  • I’d like to get you wet.At least long enough to get you back to the ocean.
  • I can tell what a woman drinks just by looking at her, and for you it’s a diet coke.
  • Your name must be trigonometry, because you make me want to cry.
  • Are there people following you?Because I’m seeing someone behind your back.
  • How much does a Polar Bear weigh?I don’t know.About ten pounds less than you, fat-ass.
  • Your name must be Calculus Homework, because I have no interest in doing you.
  • Has a guy ever walked up to you just to tell you how beautiful you are?They must have been much drunker than I am.
  • Hey girl, are you a broom?Why, because I swept you off your feet?No, because you’re really hairy.
  • Are you from Tennessee?Because you look inbred.
  • Are you a banker?Because you need to leave me a loan.
Best Anti Pick Up Lines
Best Anti Pick Up Lines
  • My fridge is hotter than you.
  • From the moment I saw you, I knew I would be spending the rest of my life trying to avoid you.
  • When I see your face there’s not a thing that I would change.Except the direction I’m walking in.
  • Camel called.He wants his toe back.
  • Do you like wine?Because that’s all your doing.
  • Girl, I know your wearing Nike, but I just won’t do it.
  • Do you know Santa?Because you’re not what I wanted for Christmas.
  • Are you a computer technician?Because you turn my hardware into software.
  • Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?Because it looks like you landed on your face.
  • Are you the sun?Because you should stay 93 million miles away from me.
  • Are you a fortune cookie?Because you’re always wrong.

Best Responsive Anti Pick Up lines

  • Are you a computer technician?
    Because you turn my hardware into software.
  • Are you a dementor? Because you take my breath away.
  • Are you a fart? Because you just blew me away.
  • Are you an erection? Because you’re growing on me.
  • Are you an ornithologist?… because my penis is incredibly swollen with blood.
  • Are you free anytime soon?
    No. I’m very expensive
  • Are you from subway because you giving me a footlong
Best Responsive Anti Pick Up lines
Best Responsive Anti Pick Up lines
  • Are you from tennessee? Because it looks like your missing some teeth.
  • Are your parents retarded? Because you sure are special.
  • Are your parents retarded? Because you sure are special.
  • Baby, do you know karate? Your body is kickin’!
    I do actually. Would your crotch like a demonstration?
  • Baby, I love every muscle in your body… Especially mine.
  • BOY: I love you
    GIRL: (sneezes) sorry im allergic to bullshit
  • Boy: If i can rearrange the keyboard, i’ll put U and I next to each other
    Girl: It’s already together dumbass
  • Can I buy you a drink?
    Go ahead, but only if you buy my boyfriend one too!

About Tokyo Chan

Tokyo Chan is a creative writer who enjoys writing captions for Instagram and inspiration quotes. She received her bachelor of art degree in English from San Jose State University, California. Tokyo aspires to be a published author and motivational speaker. She loves spending time with her family and friends, traveling, and exploring new cultures.

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